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COVID-19 Donation

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COVID-19 has disrupted our society…

Our fellow Citizens are facing catastrophic and life-shattering circumstances, in particular starvation. Concerned Citizens COVID-19 is an association formed by a caring group of South African business minds, to assist government and other disaster relief organisations through the creation of a generic platform to facilitate relief directly to the needy.

We have chosen from Future Life, an immune boosting, fortified porridge at a competitive price. The Founding Donors have committed to provide 6 million meals in 3 months within needy areas of the eThekwini Municipality.

Regrettably, the need is much greater and requires the financial support of all Concerned Citizens and businesses to grow this initiative. At the heart of Concerned Citizens COVID-19 is the care we have for each other as fellow South Africans.

Please donate generously to your fellow citizens.

You can also WhatsApp us directly on 083 972 2094 or email donations@ccc19.co.za.